Did the jersey fitting @ Maia’s and had not an easy time to get to her unit. Oh! The security of condos! Esp this one!;p Anyway, it was a good catch up with one another and had a simple BD celebration for Maia. And Elsie! How long have I not met up with her???

Ksan and I did our first CG visitation and it seemed like a small reunion for Ksan. His JC mates and Sec mate were in the CG. Hmm…apart from that, I think I should list some criteria for the selection of a CG.

Mood: Burdened


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Maiden ride

The ride was ok but since it was only for one hour, I really couldn’t tell if everything was all right.

Today, it was more about correcting the way I pedal. After that, I ran a little. Man! The legs were tired.