While looking through past photos to determine if I should cut my hair, I came across this.


Made me want to trek again. Gals! Let’s go trekking!

4 thoughts on “hmm…

  1. u wanna cut ur hair! hahaha… i luv my hair short..used to haf long hair for yrs then chop it off when i gt into cycling πŸ˜› shiok!
    u org a trekking trip lo…hee…i haben trek for a long time too!

  2. I dun mind trekking!
    Can go somewhere near! Malaysia…Mount Stong..and a few others!
    Going to cut my hair this Sunday!

  3. eh don’t cut too short hor! long hair is very useful you know, especially if you want to be dolled up to look good! *ahem*

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