I feel alive…again!

It was just another ordinary day but it turned out to be a GREAT one. =)

I think the euphoria came during the noon run in the Botanic Gardens. Upon reaching the workplace, the many emails that came in encouraged me. They were happy about the courses, good feedback, I got things done, received the due reply and made suggestions.

In the midst of it all, a sudden thought came to me to encourage the branch as well. It was something that I did / happened to me when I was in CCC and YF. The amount of encouragement given to one another was immense. It was so healthy and I want to see this happening in my workplace. I hope to get it done this Friday. Taking small steps, that’s what it’s gonna be.

On the way to WM’s, ideas about the structure of the solemnisation flooded my mind. I was most excited about the part which we appreciate our parents and guests. Yea, the wedding may be about us but it is also about the people who have played a part in our lives! OH! I’m so excited! Even the words to appreciate my parents kept filling my mind =) But I would need someone to translate (think ZM).

And on the way home, a thought just came to me to call my dad to check if he has completed his dialysis. I called, he had just finished his course. Yahoo! I could send him home! I considered it a blessing really. It may be nothing to many people but to be able to have the opportunity to send him home, to serve him is indeed a joy! Thank God!

It’s been a long time since I have this joy, that kind of excitement when ideas just came in. I had such moments when I was teaching but lately, such experiences were rare.

I know life is not a bed of roses; it has its fair share of pain. Just now, boss was telling me that personnel may not release me to go off with Ken; my reason is not valid enough. There are many things still pending. I don’t know about tomorrow but all I know is that through this period of uncertainties, I can depend on the Most High, that He will go through each step with us. It is indeed exciting, an adventure indeed. I am counting my blessing, every small and big ones.

I thank God. I couldn’t thank Him more. You made me cry again =) I’m so thankful You are in my life.

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We went down to our choiced solemnisation venue and took a look. Hmm…I roughly have the idea of how it is going to be conducted. Just pray that it won’t rain on that day. Everything should be hassle-free, simple and yet enjoyable.

Some of our dates clashed with those for PMC. Headache! Don’t know if there are alternatives.
And nope. Pastor advised us to look at our planning from our end and see if we can do anything about it. I was saddened by this. K and I came to a conclusion that we would cancel/postpone our trips for the PMC since the latter is more important to us. Thus, we decided to forgo Desaru LD triathlon and had to postpone our flight out to HK.

I was getting edgy about things but the man was so positive. See it this way. We can see how each other works under problems like this.

It’s just such a pain to plan for all these. =(

I need a wedding co-ordinator!


A few asked me what I intend to do when we go off next year. I don’t know. Tai Tai? I cannot be. Tai Tai conjures an image of a dolled-up lady dressed resplendently, spending her time at the mahjong table or at high-tea ;p Sorry, no such thing. We are poor people over there and tai tai doesn’t suit me (or the other way round). There are a few suggestions – help in some research work, study a short course (PDL), do a work attachment, train for runs or triathlons, go for cooking classes, teach…



Yea! Talked to Ps Jerry today and basically, there shouldn’t be a problem for our solemnisation in Sept. Of course, we have to complete our PMC and Ken to go through the baptism class. I’m thankful that the church is going all out to help genuine cases like us rather than places restrictions.

Next step? Decide on the date and see if they are available. Also, we would need to see how the procedure will go. It will be simple, I promise cos I am not big on long, draggy wedding. The more important thing is to have our wedding/marriage blessed. The others? Not necessary. Of course, seeing our guests having fun is cool too!

So, now we need to come up with a list of guests. Since the place could not hold a lot of people, we have to limit. Another step taken!

While waiting for the man yesterday

While waiting for the man yesterday


studying for his GRE test

studying for his GRE test

tis 1/2 year

June is almost coming to an end and we are going into another half a year.

It has been good. Oh no, that won’t do justice. It has been terrific! There have only been good things happening for the past six months. Looking back, I can only thank the good Lord.

Initially, my goals for the first half year were mostly about races, one of which was to complete Aviva 70.3 in good time and strongly. N trained me and I was able to achieve that. I attributed my ‘success’ to her, really. She was the one who pushed me to excel. It is also from her that I learne much more about sports in general.

Aviva HIM

Aviva HIM

Along the way, someone came into my life who boldly approached me in an old-fashioned way and swept my feet off by his character and words. This was indeed a whirlwind romance. We spent 7 days a week together, from the time we got up and set off for exercise in the morning at 6.30am to about 10pm at night. Imagine the amount of conversation that went through. A good thing was the fact that we were placed in the same project since last year till now, and that made observation of each other possible . We were hardly apart for 2 consecutive days except for the time when he was in Phoenix for the study trip in Feb. It has been wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life with me, my exercise-mate, my concert companion, my confidant and my pillar. I can say a lot of stuff but I think not, at this platform ;p

@ Bintan

@ Bintan

Finally settled in BBTC and found our place there. The pastors and members are so warm and cool. Thank God!

YA Church camp

YA Church camp

Family life has been good. Had more conversation with dad and he has been in stable mode. This is def an area I work to work hard at. He deserves our care and concern.

Friends wise, oh gosh, I have really missed out on them. It’s time to meet up with them. I miss them.

I got ex-boss’ blessing to go off from school and I am at ease. Will give my best in my current place before going on to another venture next year.

The next half of the year will def be more exciting. Our solemnisation, a few more triathlons to go, hols and getting the housing…

Exciting indeed!

Thank you Lord!

The Band – By K

Another wonderful day with my Dear.

Started off with a ride because I left my running shoes in the office again. Dear… If want to run must let me know early so I can bring my shoes home pls.

Rode for almost 2 hours at a fairly good pace (to me lah). L says its around 25km/h. Must be bluff me loh. Last time on the hybrid we hit 27km/h I think and I’m pretty sure we were going faster today…

In the afternoon, we went shopping for wedding bands. I think L mentioned before that we’d go for something less ostentatious than the Tiff. No rubber bands however. Pity. =p

Went to SooKee, Lee Hwa, and then to Tiff’s ( =D My idea)  L finally decided on one and we paid the price. It’ll only be ready late August. (Slow. Rubber band MUCH faster…)

Then went back, dinner, and chat on finances. Think L really had not considered the finances very much before…  All these things will blow a huge hole in our savings (esp the house really…)  But I’m sure things will be fine in the end.

Just spend wisely, save well, and trust in Him. =D

The proposal

Not unexpected since he asked me what I wanted. I stated some parameters and he worked around them.

So, I was asked to take Thu PM and Fri AM off. Thursday morning was restless moment for me (don’t know about him). Was practically counting down to 12pm but we couldn’t tahan anymore at 11.58pm and went off. Had lunch at Four Seasons (what I wanted) and went off to Swissotel (Stamford). He booked a spa treatment for us and that was really a treat. My body was just soooo tired.

When we came back from dinner, he was at the balcony. Sang ‘I wanna grow old with you’ before the beautiful skyline, with personalised lyrics. Took out the ring and knelt before me. Popped the question and waited for me.

“You want to consider properly? I will grow old and ugly. I will nag at you leh….”

He replied something like, “Eh…how long do you want me to kneel ah?”

And since then, he has been grinning. “You’re my fiancee now. I cannot believe it.” o_O


Thank you for everything
You make my life complete. =)

Over dinner last night, ksan and I were discussing about the choice that I have to make. It has been bothering me for days, since I last emailed ex-boss. Her reply upset me; I was expecting her blessing. I didn’t know what to do. One thing’s for certain, I was happier in school. I stated a whole lot of other issues to Ksan and in the end, his comment? You just want to go back to school..

Of course I won’t deny but good thing was he was able to give me another perspective in assessing the situation. I won’t deny either that the work we’re doing now has greater impact but we will only see the its effect some time later. In school, it is immediate. I love school but there are considerations that I have to think about. The choice I make will reflect what I value more. I wish things will go my way but it cannot always be so.

Sometimes I feel like a sleeping beauty in my current workplace. I’m not lazing around (hell! no!) but I’m not charging either. It’s really a challenge for me. I asked to be out of my comfort zone two years back and here I am. I don’t want to dwell on issues; I just want to break out of it.

I need wisdom to make the right choice but above all, boldness to embrace the challenges ahead.

BTW, Transformers is ok. *** out of ***** Think guys would love it more. It’s a childhood thing.
I still prefer romantic movies. ;p

It comes in twos

Two years ago, around this time of the year, I received a letter from the TMU, informing me of the opportunity to work in HQ. Two years on, I have to make somes major decisions that could perhaps change a great part of my life, for the better ;p

God knows me too well. He knows that I will be bored doing the same thing for too long a period and kept giving me challenges along the way and it always comes every two years.

This time round, there are more unknowns and gave me many sleepless nights. It’s really a good opportunity to rely on Him but the mind always takes charge. I’m thankful for Ksan who kept reminding me that He will be there and that He will provide. Oh! Faithless one! Keep your focus!

The man has planned something on Thu and Fri. Hmmm…looking forward to them! And that would mean I will miss the first swim class. Sorry coach!

step by step

After a morning run (yahoo! finally!) and a cup of killiney coffee, we went to meet the agent to find out more about housing issues. Ok! We are so going to appeal for the grant. Save us lots!

Proceeded to the blue place and spend an amount of time deliberating on the stone to purchase. “Don’t think about the cost,” the man said. How not to???? In the end, I left the place, elated.

tired feet

tired feet

Did some other minor purchases, scouted for wedding bands and the legs so darn tired. Worse than running. I’d rather cycle or run man!

The evening @ Melvin’s was great. The video game (whatever it was called) was so cool! I tend to agree with K that we could have it in our new place! Yea!

Another few steps taken!

Oh yes! WE have also got our air tix to London…pls..tolong tolong…pls don’t get affected by the flu.

Breaking news

the word’s out
the bosses smiled
blessings given
another step taken


here’s the donuts
ZM’s here!
oh! how colourful they are
like life, aren’t they?

This ad never fails to bring a smile to the face and the following sequel.

So, what would be one thing in my house that would make me squeal in delight?
A well-equipped kitchen. The man prob knows this by heart and one of the considerations he gave to the agent is, ‘5-room (also can consider 4-rm. But would like big kitchen)’. However, I know full well that a big kitchen is hard to come by esp for newer flats so the word is ‘well-equipped’ ;p though I’m not referring to those high-tech stuff like mircrowave oven blah blah…I was made a laughing stock recently because I didn’t know how to use one properly. Sigh!

Cooking at my current place is really quite a stress. It is, after all, my mom’s territory; any attempt to cook will always be inspected. Of course, being such a good cook, she will never be satisfied with my cooking. I always get a C or D grade by her although I fared well in school. She specialises in Cantonese cuisine and will never appreciate the stuff I cook. So, before long, I stop cooking at my place altogether. No practice and the skill will not improve. Am looking forward to my own kitchen and taking at least one cooking class this year, just to satisfy my desire to attend a class =).


Took my first official leave for this year! Woohoo! It felt so good to cycle around while having people leaving for work ;p And a good o’ breakfast made the morning soooo complete!


So we broke the news to the elders today. The man’s dad was so much easier to talk to but my side? ;p

 Ksan wanted to rehearse before meeting my folks and realised we did not know a lot of chinese phrases. ZM to the rescue! And with clasped hands, the man talked to the folks (quite a funny tight, really). It went pretty smooth, much to our relief. With his tactics, we managed to get some recommendation from them in terms of restaurants and stuff. Thankfully, they were not particular about the dates.

And so…our first step; the small little step.

Thank God!



The church camp was over and I felt it was some carbo-loading sessions. The messages served as good reminders and provided some food-for-thoughts. Managed to sneak out some gym time in the two mornings and finished reading the book that ZM lent me. The story seemed so factual; I’m sure it happens in reality. MUch to think about the future… So exciting yet so daunting.

And coincidentally, we met big boss in the hotel lobby. Oops!

We are HUNGRY!

We are HUNGRY!

We had steamboat, a suggestion by Dom and executed the very next day. This time round, many people chipped in, resulting in a good spread. It was fun, minus the presence of ZM =(

And stumbled upon this website – Cartier LOVE. Love the contents totally. Go take a look!

Nice morning

The morning has been good, with good news. =)jj

K is awarded with the s.ship. So one down! Now he has to search for the institution to study and I am tasked with coming up with the plans for E. trip. =)

JJ’s update. Wah! He has grown BIG! Healthy baby! But I still miss the mom. =(

Getting used to the short hair now.

me 045

Perhaps, the greatest gift today was the Word. Ferris sent me the link to the series of sermons by Dr Freddy Boey @ Riverlife. One of my fav speakers used by the Lord to reach out to us, the message he gave was so powerful. Thank God for using such a man like him. Thank you, Ferris. I’m blessed by the Word. =)


I have decided to part with my long hair. It was not an easy decision because I have blogged about my last cut in late 2007 which I absolutely regretted. However, these days, it was mighty hot and my hair was getting drier each day and decided to snip it. I was also bored with the hair.

And so…here’s the result. I need to get used to it but I am welcoming the lightness of it.

My hairstylist has given me a decree that I am to stay away from pool water for 2 weeks. =(




Did the jersey fitting @ Maia’s and had not an easy time to get to her unit. Oh! The security of condos! Esp this one!;p Anyway, it was a good catch up with one another and had a simple BD celebration for Maia. And Elsie! How long have I not met up with her???

Ksan and I did our first CG visitation and it seemed like a small reunion for Ksan. His JC mates and Sec mate were in the CG. Hmm…apart from that, I think I should list some criteria for the selection of a CG.

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Maiden ride

The ride was ok but since it was only for one hour, I really couldn’t tell if everything was all right.

Today, it was more about correcting the way I pedal. After that, I ran a little. Man! The legs were tired.

Classic scene

The silence was suddenly broken by a cry.

“Arghhhh….我胖了! 我不要活了!” the temp girl went running back to her desk.

Rather true, she has put on quite a fair bit in just a few months. That, is the result of deskbound job, to a great extent (I feel).

After she has settled, she turned to me and asked, “Lynn, you going jogging? I will join you. Tomorrow!”

Let’s see. ;p

Missed swim class again. =(

welcome Scottie!

“L, your bike is here”

Whoah! And I made arrangement to get it that very evening. There were still adjustments to be made and we spent another 2 hours trying to fix it, making sure the fit is all right. Looking at Alan, it has trained together with me, fallen with me (ouch!), participated in races all these while and performed (to my expectations). Now it has to change hands and I hope Scottie will continue the good works done by him.

So, yes, I’m going to ride on Scottie! May your debut be good ;p



While looking through past photos to determine if I should cut my hair, I came across this.


Made me want to trek again. Gals! Let’s go trekking!