It was a good break, a break from work, a break from training. Just taking the time to ride leisurely and sipping a cup of Starbucks coffee & muffin. How long have I not done that? It was basically a free and easy time for both of us and more importantly, time for us to talk things through.

By the time we got our room, it was mid-afternoon and I was rather exhausted from the waiting game. Bintan Beach Club was rather quiet, with just a few guests. We strolled along the beach and I took a dip in the waters, just to test it. The swim leg is going to start in that area and would be good to get a sense of it. Dinner was good with the sun setting before our eyes. Idyllic… perfect for the soul.

Sunday. We were to meet Mic and her friends for the ride. They were to show us the cycling route for the race. Through the conversation, we realised that one of them was actually responsible for starting Bintan Triathlon and of course, he would be the best person to show the route and the sights of Bintan.

The cycling route consists of rolling hills and i think K almost got killed by them, having no experiences prior to the ride and had to dismount from the bike. Anyhow, it was a great effort and definitely commendable.

It was a good 56km ride, for me, taking it easy. By the time we got back to mainland, it was already evening and time to meet up with possible sponsor. =)

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