Training pics

Received the training ride’s pics and was overjoyed! Thank you, budding photographer! Chris from Herbalife saw the pics on my FB and commented jokingly that we should start talking about sponsorship deals. Hey! Why not??


Ok…Don’t be deceived by the pics. It’s not just smile, smile all the time. The hard work was not captured here.

Had a 8.5km run with Ah Bao. Thought the pace we were running was ok but the gadget said otherwise. Anyway, at a certain point, the legs took over and just kept pounding away, like what I did a few days ago…spin, spin, spin. I didn’t know spinning has so much effect on me until my running is also influenced and best thing is, I wasn’t panting real hard. Which means, I can go harder!


But seriously, I am not prepared for Sundown at all. I signed up to be pacer for 6hr. hahahahah…but don’t think I will get it. Oh, nvm…I will just enjoy and run my own race. =)

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