Gosh! How long have I not been running?

After a few days of break from it, I did one in the morning with Ksan. Went through Orchard Road as he has suggested and then as I led, we went to Robertson Quay. I’m blur as sotong and got lost, as usual. But since it was a route that I used at times to go home, we soon found our way back. It was just barely under 6km. Think it is ok to go longer, nice to jog along the quay.

Boss' treat for us!

Boss' treat for us!

Yesterday, coach (YF) sent us email regarding training for run for the upcoming Desaru Long Distance Tri. The training is free and conducted by Shem, the poster boy for AVIVA. How nice of him! There are always such people around, doing things for their passion, without wanting any reward in return. Nice….

And at night, I had a pleasant surprise too. I know they talked about it during the cycling trip but I just didn’t think it is going to be true. But yesterday, they showed me the ‘cow’ and when I rode on it, I felt good, so comfortable. I like the colour, the frame. They even asked me what colour I want for the bottle cage. Actually, it is already a privilege to be presented with it, how can I ask for more?

Thank you, SWCT! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new baby!
Momo Chun, watch out!

Morning run: 5.68km

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