Training rides

The month of May is an exciting one and it started off with training rides to MS.


Set off in the early morning with K sending me off, riding his bike to see me drive off. Sigh…can sleep, don’t want to sleep.

Had prata and Nescafe (only eat this when I’m riding) before starting the ride. Ism went straight ahead like he was rushing for some stuff and Momo chun was requested to stay behind me. MG and Nchan were in the van with the latter directing me on the gears to use every now and then via the walkie-talkie (super cool..machiam like pro ;p).

It was interesting. Perhaps the one BIG takeaway that I had from this trip was to be using a consistent cadence so that I can last longer on hills. There were  mostly rolling hills and as Nchan directed me to change to whatever gears, I soon got the hang of it and kept to a consistent cadence.

It was super hot on Saturday and by the 4th break, I was already feeling faintish. Ism was also not feeling well was asked to go into the van while Momo Chun developed rashes…rather bad ones.

What was most fun was the ‘attack’. I love the part which Nchan told me to stay near Ism and then after that, overtake him. Think it must have taken him by surprise because he was left behind. Momo Chun also… FUN but very tiring.  And of course, Ism took the lead again in the end. =)

in hotel room after 1st day's ride

in hotel room after 1st day's ride


The weather was super good, perfect for a ride. We had one stop for lunch and then it was the rolling hills and the dreaded three HILLs which almost took my breath away. Overall, I was stronger than yesterday. I tried to increase the cadence and took advantage of it when I rode up the hills. Worked! And by focusing on the clouds when I rode up the hills made it more bearable for me rather than focusing on the horizon.

I have never drunk so much sugared water for a ride and I think if this continues, I will develop diabetes ;p And perhaps I had too much food, I felt like puking when I rode. My too much is not much to Nchan

Felt it was an achievement. I know I have done my best, followed the advice given and realised it worked! I’m very happy and satisfied with it. The thighs didn’t really feel sore after all those hills!

And of course, the people made it enjoyable – the two crappy men, Momo Chun who has to stayed behind me all the time (sorry to have you do that!), Ism who encouraged me and Nchan, who laughed when giving me the ‘attack’ direction and gave me wrong info, “last hill, last hill!” Very entertaining is it???? >_<

No ride photos yet cos how to take fotos when riding leh? (apologies for Singlish). I may not hate hills now but well, I can’t exactly say I love them yet ;p

@ fishing village after 2nd day's ride

@ fishing village after 2nd day's ride

125.1km @ 4:50:11
Avg cadence: 82
Avg HR: 138

99km @ 4:04:19
Avg cadence: 94
Avg HR: 136

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