=) Sunday

me: I’m not going church today
k: oh? Why not?
me: dun ask why hor
k: lol. I asked ‘why not’
me: I want time to myself
k: ok…
me: lame right
k: um..yes
me: hahaha..okok..go go
k: gd girl. =)

I’m glad I stopped toying with some funny idea and attended service today because the Lord ministered to both of us. I was reminded about doing all things and giving my best for the Lord. In the end, I recommitted myself to the Lord. K went up too as a response to the msg, which I was pleasantly surprised.

WEnt to bikelabz at the advice of M and boy, was I glad! I did a bike-fit and got the analysis, realising that Argon 18 will not suit me at all! Chatted with Chai and he, being an ex-triathlete himself was able to advise much. Found the whole session so enriching and the best is, K was able to use my current bike too. It just needs some adjustments. I say, let the pros handle it! The people at Bikelabz really did things for passion, less of money. Good good!

So, in the end, I will fork out a few grand less! Yea! The more important thing is really about bike fit and proper training and of cos, the engine aka the legs.

And a run and swim completed the day. What a great Sunday! Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be in stock and that I will get it soon!



Everytime at 8 plus, I will visit the toilet. And everytime the cleaner will be in there. As I enter, she will always ask, “pang sai ah, mam?”


Do I remind her of sai?  ;p

creak creak

Morning ride was full of noise
Creak! Creak! Creak!
And down the track it went
It didn’t went flat, thank goodness
But the crack might be made worse!

Can’t believe I raced in that state
How embarrassing it must have been!
It’s got to be repaired, that’s for sure
When would that be,
I’m not so sure!

Somehow or another, I was placed in the email chain again with the gals and thanks to G, I had all their numbers again! Gosh, and look at the jerseys that they have designed, they have gone through so many rounds and I didn’t even know!


“You have enemies. Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ~ Winston Churchill

Now that I’m pretty much on my own, their inclusion of me well, is appreciated even though I have expressed earlier that I would not be riding with them. Sometimes, I think about the integrity issue concerning this and a whole lot of others, pertaining to my character. The more I ponder, the more confused I am. Haiz..I’ll just go ahead.

Last day for swim class for training. And I tested the newly-acquired goggles and it fits! Yea! At last! =) =)

The day in a nutshell…

6.30am – Swim focusing on stroke

7.45am – coffee! Start work!

9am – The man may be going for his postgrad after all! And so my suggestion was to choose a state where there are many triathlons and marathons. hehehhehehe….Err…what about the priority of choosing a course which could have more impact on future work? Erm…..hehehehehe

12pm – Treated Leo to lunch and then realised that the man had lost the watch I bought him. *cry* Went and got a pair of goggles. How come goggles just don’t fit me???

5.30pm – S played me out again. Evening schedule had to be replanned. Off to get lights for bike!

6.30pm – Run @ ECP. Good run! Must improve timing!

8pm – Fixed lights to get ready for ride tml to test out tyres. Pls don’t get flat! Watched news, read Runner’s World, washed swimwear, running kit…

Should have tweeted…=)

comfort from Jia Jun =)

see how you have grown! =)

see how you have grown! =)

I received an email from Jia Jun (at last you’ve got a name!) which made me laugh at the end. TQ, ZM and JJ!
But, JJ, how come I feel you are siding with uncle Ken? And yes, you must definitely start young and aim to be the best triathlete! I have faith in you!

Dearest Auntie Lynn,
HELLO! *waves* I heard from Mummy you were upset about DNF-ing at Bintan over the weekend, so I decided to get my helpful Mummy to draft an email to you to cheer you up! Being just like my mother, I have thick-skinnedly attached photos of myself for you to see if I’ve grown since you saw me at the hospital on Day 1. =) 
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Brace up!

With my very poor performance at Bintan, it is enough to tell me that I cannot underestimate training and be lazy. Like Nchan had put it,”You will be able to overcome all difficulties in sports if you put heart into it. Like everything in life. It’s all in your control.” I think I was really not serious in training and thus the results.

So K and I planned our training and of course, my intensity higher than his. At the same time, coach also emailed us about the new semester of swim training and I guess I pretty much will stick with YF for another three months in preparation for Desaru. Better get serious or I will die a terrible death there. And after that, it is really all about the Marathon at the end of the year.

Ok. Time to get serious. >_<


Decided to go for the race anyway since I have bought the ferry tix and booked the hotel room.
The check-in for bike was smooth; it will be transferred to the hotel directly and I didn’t need to worry about a thing. I was having headache throughout the ferry ride and was I glad to each the island. Upon reaching the hotel, we learnt that we need to pay to get to the Nirwana Gardens (I want to collect my pack and to go for briefing). It was S$25 per person per trip! I didn’t knew about it and we were advised that it would be more economical to purchase some combo thingy at around S$100 per pax! Siao! So, we decided to go for the briefing tomorrow and arrange for our own transport at S$24 per taxi. The hotel didn’t take the initiative to confirm our return ferry tix as well, unlike Nirwana Beach Club (we stayed there two weeks ago). All in all, we felt the whole saga was a real rip-off.

Sat. After a good complimentary brekky at the hotel, we packed our stuff and basically waited for time to pass before we proceeded to the race venue. It was quite intimidating as the participants all looked very fit and ‘seasoned’. You wondered if you were in an ‘ang mo’ country.

The race started. By about 200m into the swim, I was stung by jellyfish. So I have resigned to the fate that no matter what happens, there will be jellyfish, no point getting scared of them and giving up on the swim leg of the race. Then, the goggles fogged real bad and I couldn’t see clearly. Went off course so much and so often that a participant had to push me back ( I have since ditched the goggles at the end of the race). By the time I got up to go for my second round of the swim, I was feeling queasy and had cramps. Should I raise my hand to signal? But then decided against it and swam on. By this time, I was again stung by jellyfish. What the sheesh! I basically lost myself in the swim, alternating between frontcrawl and breaststroke, the latter becoming stronger. I was already exhausted.

By the time I got out of the water, it was already 41.27 min (eh, actually an improvement! Last Osim, it was 01:01:02!). Very very disappointing. I thought I did a good transition into the bike out (0:01:08). This time round, I was able to do everything systematically, without forgetting anything, unlike AVIVA (0:02:51). I took to the bike and it was a slope straight away. Spin! Spin!  Hydrate! Hydrate! However, when I was into my 15km, I vomitted. I really was feeling very uncomfortable. Basically wanted to let the bike go onto the grassy patch and fall. Then as if God has answered my prayer, my front wheel went psst! Flat!

I didn’t bring any kit (although Nchan has always reminded me to bring =( ) and I told the personnel that I would withdraw. Hopped onto the vehicle and following the last girl on her bike. By the time I reached the transition area, most have already completed. I think I would also have completed if I was in good health condition and if all went well.

K was there, looking darn worried. He knew all along that I was not feeling well and had advised me not to race. But I just really wanted to give it a try. At least I have tried. Sorry to make you worry!


It didn’t feel good to DNF. Anyone is capable of completing a race; it is just a matter of time. But I have underestimated training, overestimated myself. I have become complacent. My weakest link is the swim leg and I really ought to be consistent in my swim class. I definitely fear swimming in the open sea and of jellyfish a


nd all the more I need to overcome them. I really ought to take care of my health and not race when I am still sick.

Sometimes, I ask myself why on earth would I be bothered about training and all these races. I can also do my own race, aka simulate a real one. But it is the joy of coming together especially if you have company to race together. I may not be racing like a real competitor but to do that together with friends would be nice? And to know how far you can go would be pretty good?

Anyway, I would like to go back again and do it and I must remember to just do a day trip. No point spending that much money on an overnight stay.

Sunday, a normal day again. But the mood is oh-so-moody. Even the glorious food presented before me wasn’t delicious. It just tasted ….. yucky.

Mood: Moody.

The battle

The tap was turned on again. Surprised as it was the 3rd day of the medication and by right, there shouldn’t be any running nose. What the…!

While on the way to work, the mind was battling within, rationalising if I should go for the race.

“I paid much for this race leh!”
K: “Ah yah, it’s not about the money. I pay for you.”
That’s not the point!

“Sometimes I wonder why I pay to go through all these. I can just do my own race, clocking the same distance and covering the same route.”
K: “Well…..”
OK, it’s about benchmarking.

“What a waste of leave if I don’t race!”
K: “Just take it as taking a break. You need rest.”

Haiz… It’s so much like giving up and having no fighting spirit. I’m not sure if I will enjoy myself if I race or would I suffer. Haiz…ok, if I don’t race, I will take photos of the participants then. SIGH!


Haiz…please, body, please cooperate. If you get well, you can participate in the race. Need not RACE but just enjoy the fun.

The throat is getting worse at night and now the body is aching. Man…
I’ll just bring all my gears to standby in case I get well enough to participate on Saturday. If not, then no choice. Gotta watch others race.


what a bummer!

Friday – headache
Saturday – running nose
Sunday – kenna stung by jellyfish
Monday – cough; running nose
Tuesday – running nose; cough; sore throat

OK. I give up. To the doc again.

“Usual stuff again right?”
“Yah. Not too bad. Your last illness was some time back. You’re considered healthy la.”
“What the…”

Strangely, I caught the flu bug around this time last year. Darn!


This is to show you how important pronunciation is.

KQ: Remind me to get zhong(2) zi(3) for your mother ya.

Me: o_O (to myself) What seed? How come he knows my mother likes to plant? But very weird right, give seeds to mother? (to KQ) zhong (2) zi(3)?

KQ: (Thought for a while and then started laughing)

Me: Zhong (4) zi (3) la!

So, if you don’t pronounce properly, dumpling becomes seed. But how creative. To give seeds for the mother to labour. Thanks man!

These 2 days.

The body reacted to situations, really. The moment I knew I need not go through training, I fell sick. So, it was basically a very easy weekend for me. Can’t do too strenuous exercise too.


Finally got to meet the gals after almost, 2 months, as they told me. I couldn’t believe that time passed so quickly. Went to Relish to celebrate Sha’s bd. Basically I chose that place for the burger. It was nice, to me, but well, it does not have the same verdict from Sha =( And after that, to Ken’s Uni friends’ gathering (the kiddo’s one month celebration). Totally enjoyed myself making comments about his friends, the geeky sorts but super nice people. They are really not those snobs that I thought they would. And some are still singles! Ladies, any takers? I intro!

These 2 days, I was happy because I have acted on things that are important to me – CG, YA camp and spending more time with dad. That 15 min talk might seem short but the quality of the conversation was really something that I had, for a long time, not able to accomplish.

Managed to meet up with EK and Joanne for lunch. At last, my bro has found his sweetheart!
And as promised by the man, he brought me shopping. And I’ve got my first blue box from him today. It’s a necklace I’ve always wanted! Swee…Thank you for the wonderful 2 days. =)


in times like this…

I feel like I am living a life for others, according to their expectations, according to their comments, according to how they want it  to be done.

Where am I?


I felt so tired when I woke up. The muscles around the butt were still sore and so wanted to give in. Thankfully, Ah Bao was with me and nudged me to go on. I’m glad I did not give in to my weakness. shoes

I freaking love Haruki’s What I Talk about when I Talk about Running. A non-fiction, he basically shared his experiences of running and related that to writing and the discipline involved in the sport. I could identify with him, as with most runners, I believe, especially when I was training for my first-ever marathon in 2007. It was an exciting journey, one that I looked back with fondness, despite the pain and injury.

The total amount of running I’m doing might be going down, but as least I’m following one of my basic rules for training: I never t ake two days off in a row. Muscles are like work animals that are quick on the uptake. If you carefully increase the load, step by step, they learn to take it. As long as you explain your expectations to them by actually showing them examples of the amount of work they have to endure, your muscles will comply and gradually get stronger. It doesn’t happen overnight, of course. But as long as you take your time and do it in stages, they won’t complain – aside from the occasional long face – and they’ll very patiently and obediently grow stronger. Through repetition you input into your muscles the message that this is how much work they have to perform. Our muscles are very conscientious. As long as we observe the correct procedure, they won’t complain” – Haruki Murakami

As I ran with Ah Bao over the months, I sense that he has improved. His breathing was not so hard anymore and it’s getting softer and consistent. Before long, he could well overtake and lead me. Good! =)



It was a good break, a break from work, a break from training. Just taking the time to ride leisurely and sipping a cup of Starbucks coffee & muffin. How long have I not done that? It was basically a free and easy time for both of us and more importantly, time for us to talk things through.

By the time we got our room, it was mid-afternoon and I was rather exhausted from the waiting game. Bintan Beach Club was rather quiet, with just a few guests. We strolled along the beach and I took a dip in the waters, just to test it. The swim leg is going to start in that area and would be good to get a sense of it. Dinner was good with the sun setting before our eyes. Idyllic… perfect for the soul.

Sunday. We were to meet Mic and her friends for the ride. They were to show us the cycling route for the race. Through the conversation, we realised that one of them was actually responsible for starting Bintan Triathlon and of course, he would be the best person to show the route and the sights of Bintan.

The cycling route consists of rolling hills and i think K almost got killed by them, having no experiences prior to the ride and had to dismount from the bike. Anyhow, it was a great effort and definitely commendable.

It was a good 56km ride, for me, taking it easy. By the time we got back to mainland, it was already evening and time to meet up with possible sponsor. =)


“Happy Birthday!” The birthday boy chuckled and handed bookme some stuff before I left ECP for work.

It was a water bottle and a book entitled Birthday stories by my current fav author, Haruki Murakami!


Morning run: 4km (cramps)
Noon swim : 30 laps

Buffet dinner @ Riverview Hotel with Ken’s family for his BD proved too much for my stomach. This is the reason why I DO NOT do buffet because I’ll be full very easily and it’s not worth that amount of money to have a good time of eating. I’ll be content with my lor mee or fish porridge at the food centre, coupled with coffee!

Why do people like high-tea and buffet so much? o_O

To celebrate Ken’s BD, some of us went to the restaurant in Sloane Court Hotel to have our lunch. It was a quaint boutique hotel and reminds me of the smokehouse at Cameron Highlands.

The food is yummy yum yum, at least for my beef stew. Didn’t know such nice place exists in Singapore! I’m sure there are lots!


Swim clas was nice! Very few sprints. But still, my butt-a-fly is still very awful. And once when I did the backstroke, I travelled all the way across 2 lanes. Very smart man!!! How embarrassing!

But still, I love swim class.

4×50 Kick
4×50 pull (25 fast,25 Ez)

2×50 testing
4×100 focus on row from hips & kick
2×50 (25 Bk kick,25 Fr)
3×50 (25 Bk, 25 Fr)
1×50 Bk/Fr (6-6)
2×50 (25 Fly,25 Fr)
2×50 (6-6)
1×50 Br kick
1×50 Head above
1×100 IM
1×100 sprint

Training pics

Received the training ride’s pics and was overjoyed! Thank you, budding photographer! Chris from Herbalife saw the pics on my FB and commented jokingly that we should start talking about sponsorship deals. Hey! Why not??


Ok…Don’t be deceived by the pics. It’s not just smile, smile all the time. The hard work was not captured here.

Had a 8.5km run with Ah Bao. Thought the pace we were running was ok but the gadget said otherwise. Anyway, at a certain point, the legs took over and just kept pounding away, like what I did a few days ago…spin, spin, spin. I didn’t know spinning has so much effect on me until my running is also influenced and best thing is, I wasn’t panting real hard. Which means, I can go harder!


But seriously, I am not prepared for Sundown at all. I signed up to be pacer for 6hr. hahahahah…but don’t think I will get it. Oh, nvm…I will just enjoy and run my own race. =)


During the course of these few weeks, I realised
– I am really such a messy person. My files, papers and books are all strewn everywhere around my workstation. In fact, I have successfully conquered the mini table in my zone where titbits are placed (& HP kept complaining/suan-ing me about it!)
– I am poor at filing. ZM’s filing system is excellent and puts me to shame. Now I cannot find some of the research papers. Pls don’t ask me to quote source!
– I succumb to temptation. Leo bought chips yesterday and offered me. And then it was non-stop action for the mouth. Stressed!
– I cannot exercise at night because I am too tired even though I have made wonderful plans about it. Just forget it!
– I know the good o’ water is still the best but when stressed, I prefer coffee to it. Pls kick the bad habit.
– Sometimes I procrastinate and when that happens, that’s it…
– I have not seen my gal friends for weeks…replaced by sports and the man. Oh man! This won’t do!

Need to kick bad habits.

Gosh! How long have I not been running?

After a few days of break from it, I did one in the morning with Ksan. Went through Orchard Road as he has suggested and then as I led, we went to Robertson Quay. I’m blur as sotong and got lost, as usual. But since it was a route that I used at times to go home, we soon found our way back. It was just barely under 6km. Think it is ok to go longer, nice to jog along the quay.

Boss' treat for us!

Boss' treat for us!

Yesterday, coach (YF) sent us email regarding training for run for the upcoming Desaru Long Distance Tri. The training is free and conducted by Shem, the poster boy for AVIVA. How nice of him! There are always such people around, doing things for their passion, without wanting any reward in return. Nice….

And at night, I had a pleasant surprise too. I know they talked about it during the cycling trip but I just didn’t think it is going to be true. But yesterday, they showed me the ‘cow’ and when I rode on it, I felt good, so comfortable. I like the colour, the frame. They even asked me what colour I want for the bottle cage. Actually, it is already a privilege to be presented with it, how can I ask for more?

Thank you, SWCT! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new baby!
Momo Chun, watch out!

Morning run: 5.68km