ethics. moral. standards.

Today at work, I was completely pissed by the act of those/one from THE instituition. If one can claim that they develop the model just by pulling the works of some researchers and also not giving due recognition to those who initiated the idea, then what ethics or professionalism is there?

I was saddened probably because I held high respect for some of the faculty members there, having gone through my 6.5 years of education with them. I have also every intention of giving back by working alongside them in the near future. But today’s event opened my eyes to see the not-so-good side of, well, them or SHE? They didn’t walk the talk.

Neighbour told me about her having to be the moderator for a possible failure case but in the end, certain parties wanted to protect the candidate and she went through a bit of ra-ra. I mean, if the candidate does not show that he is cut out for his job, then why is there a reason to give him a passing grade? We are talking about being objective, about preparing the candidate well for his role! If he is not deemed ready, then he should really go through more training. Think long term, it has direct impact on, well, our ‘customers’! Sometimes, I know we, educators, tend to be very kind-hearted and see the good side of people and their potential. But really, we need standards. If we can ‘suka suka’ pass candidates, then….(fill in the blanks youself).

We need standards, HIGH standards for this profession. People need to hold the profession and themselves in esteem. I have my thoughts on the use of Singlish in classrooms but I think I should just hold my tongue for now.

Anyway, the only thing that was exciting about today was THE RACE. It was a good one. Just some photos to share, more on my facebook. It was perhaps the only thing that was FAIR, rightly done today. But then again, was it 5 or 6 rounds that they ran? ;p


Managed to attend swim class. Instead of butterfly, I swam like a caterpillar. Don’t even know how to swim??? Was not taught!!!!! Tiring…

Ok.. got to rest for tmr’s ride…tata.

Reminder to self:
Do not carry a sling back with heavy stuff on the right should else it will resurrect old  injury.

[Reminder] Things to bring for Sin-MerS cycling trip tml:
– Energy gel; recovery drink – powder form. checked
– raincoat. checked
– sandals. checked
– Extra cycling tights. checked
– One set of casual clothes. checked
– extra pair of socks. checked
– toiletries (include sunblock). checked
– Extra tube. checked
– shade. in car..