SEAMEO RELC conference: Impact of technology on Language Learning and Teaching: What, How and Why.

Had been interested in ICT in language learning and CALL when I was doing my grad course and was actually looking forward to the conference to see recent developments in this area. Received the conference materials and looking at the papers that were to be presented, I had to tell myself to go with a receptive heart. Topics to be presented were stuff that we were doing before I left school for the other side. Hmm…

Day 1

Anyway, the first day was good.  Mike Levy’s Aligning Technological Tool to the Pedagogical Purpose and Santha’s Designing an Impacting Blended Curiculum.


The best part, perhaps, was to steal time away from breaks to read Haruki’s novel. And to bump into my grad coursemates and NIE-mates! What a reunion!


Day 2…

Day 2 was a bore. GOing to a conference can be a gamble in terms of choosing the breakout sessions. On paper, the synopsis was well-written but at times, the presentation may not go as well.

Went for Nadia’s session. I was on TWA with her to assist in the research on using TabletPC in teaching by Microsoft and NIE 2 years back and being curious, wanted to find out how she has implemented in her school. Frankly, I was not overtly impressed. I feel her lesson objectives could well be achieved by the conventional method as compared to inking. As with the use of other software or CDs, they play a bigger role in reinforcing certain concepts taught and assist in independent learning of students (I feel).

There was this presenter who from the beginning, apologised to the participants that he would have to bore us with satistics and stuff. Hmm…lesson- why apologise? We are here to know more about your research and the data is important. Need no apology!

With much lethargy, I decided to have my lunch and do some networking. There was this lady who was seated next to me and seeing her with her iphone, I asked her, rather unabashedly, to help me get more acquainted with mine. SHe was so cool and taught me so much, stuff that I would need time to read up. Then she showed me to her vintage car and the history. I think I learnt more from her ‘session’ than all the others.


So much to think about…My reflection is not done well also…too tired…but much to think about indeed…

I hope tomorrow will be better…fingers crossed.


Reading: Haruki’s What I talk about when I talk about running