Long awaited.

Since the purchase of the tickets to the two musicals months ago, I have been waiting for this day.



I was very very impressed by ‘If there’s seasons’. Perhaps, the plot is closer to the heart and the songs so familiar. It’s about love, friendship and dreams. Go watch it. Even if the musical is done in Mandarin, there are English subtitles. It’s good, terrific!

And then, to CATS with the man. I love the set, minus the cats that roamed about among the audience. hahahaha..but it was indeed something different from the other musicals that I had watched. The dances were captivating! Unfortunately, I think I was too exhausted that I dozed off in the midst of the show. Arghh…The last time I dozed off was during Lion King and Billy Elliot in London. The day’s work was too tiring which sapped the energy from moi. And then CATS suffered the same fate. Sigh!!!

I need more rest.

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