Kenna arrowed for another secy task. Thankfully, it is something close to my heart and my interest area. Not too bad. Thought I could rest more after this April but…

I’m glad to be back in swim class.
I’m happy, otherwise, tired.

Been going to places using the wrong route with just one wrong turn when the mind was still thinking about stuff at work. Totally frustrating. Think about the lost time. And trying to catch some Zzzzz when the red lights appeared. As if it helps…

What’s wrong!!!???

Morning run: 6km
Evening swim: 2×50 FR kick,2×50(25FR,25 BR kick),2×50 Catch-up
500,400,200,100,100,200,400,500.2×50 back sculling, 4×50 sprint

note: left hand points out when I breathe in on the right..whatever that means but since coach pointed out, just take note.