I stumbled upon his blog a few years ago and find myself an avid reader of his personal thoughts, his writing.
He joined the same org a few years back and last year, when I went for meetings in the gray building, I would see him. Of course, he doesn’t know me and recently, I realised my colleague, who has since left, had him as one of the photographers (non-official) for her wedding dinner.

Today, I went to his blog again and read.

Today, I was touched by his writing once again, this particular entry.

He could well be a writer rather than a web designer.

Woohoo! I’m going away during National Day weekend, to a place that I missed. A place where my very first language was used. Thank you for making it happen. img_0049

I love too, the sandals that you bought me. It’s so stressful going shopping with you. Better keep my mouth shut lest I receive more stuff.

Eh, but then again, maybe can go some bike shop to look at bikes…hahhahahaha.

It was a dampening day at work, I feel but you saved the day. Thank you lots.