end of break…


These 3 days have been quite a good rest from work. It’s a wonder what one additional day could do to the soul. The message today has been good. I was looking forward to the message actually and well, I was ministered.

Was also looking forward to my planned ride but the weather didn’t help at all. It drizzled and drizzled and in the end, landed myself in ksan’s church. Double dose…very powderful…can bleed ;p

And the rain still continued. I was feeling quite down already. I don’t like it when things don’t go according to plans especially in terms of exercising (need to learn to be flexible). Even retail therapy didn’t help. Not sure if ksan was trying to make me happy by offering me ice-cream. It helped but I still felt weird not being able to work out. And in the end, instead of staying in to watch a show, I changed plans again, to swim. Thank you for accommodating me, the fickle-minded one.

And so…this spelt the end of the 3-day break. Back to work again. Sigh!

Swim: 1.5km