Just into my 3km and then CRAMPS!
How irritating.
And I spent half the time in running
Baking in the lavatory.
What the….

Something screwed up during work and spent the whole morning running like a mad woman, fighting the fire. Thankfully, the teachers were nice and those affected were cool about it. And when you are cool about anything, things get done easier. Politeness and manners still count a lot. And they happened to be the PE teachers…always have respect for MOST of them.

I soon engaged in a conversation with one of them, who later poured out his woes to me. Do I look like a counsellor? Anyway, his story was not new to me. I have been there, done that (mine def not as bad) as with many many out there. But his was def worse than mine. With 3 kids, he has to be on his toes till late at night and then wakes up at 3am to start working. Common, no? Made me think of my ex-colleague. Anyway, he seemed quite jialat and in depression. I wish my optimism could help a little but deep in me, I know much talk from me won’t suffice. He just needed to air his thoughts and a pair of listening ears. I just hope my assuring smile and nods would be enough. Maybe not…I don’t know. Sigh….

Saw A too and he shared too about his situation.

Someone up there, HELP the people on the ground. We don’t need any more monetary incentives…we need TIME to breathe, to recharge and to be with our family.

But then again, does it not have to do with priority, expectations and time management?

*scratch head*