There’s sea swim today and I was contemplating very hard on whether I should go. The sting from the jellyfish during Aviva has caused me to be afraid of sea swim. In fact, the effect from the sting has not gone very much better, much to my exasperation.
But we all know coach has gone through the trouble to enable us to have more experience in it and thus it’s only right we should train more! Anyway, my sighting is still very very very very BAD! Need to go…and so I dragged my feet to the swim after a short run.
Some 30 minutes into the swim, coach advised us not to continue as there was a school of jellyfish. I was among the first few to surrender. You win, jellyfish! How to overcome this fear? I don’t know! Wear wetsuit?

The man was invited to dinner at moi’s place and I decided to try my hands on teriyaki chicken and fried rice. Not that the man’s comment was not valued but my mom’s was perhaps more accurate ;p
And yea…mom commended on my cooking and dad, too.

Well done! More to come!

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  1. What the…?! What’s wrong with my comments?
    I said it was nice mah. Its not like I’ll say that even when you feed me rubbish…

    We are NOT going to test that hypothesis…

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