Cheer Chen…Cheers!

I missed her concert last year and I promised myself that I would do miss it again when she comes, even if I have no company. I did just that.

This is perhaps one of the very few concerts or performance that left me thinking, inspired. She used her songwriting ability and her musical talents to great use. From a very humble beginning as she has shown us through a video clip, she has risen to be a star indeed. The way she played her guitar was awe-inspiring and the effort she put in, whoah, I couldn’t describe it. It was RAWK!

She brought herself close to the audience, taking photos with them while she continued performing. She was able to bring the house down, this rocker babe.

She has given her best shot. We could all testify to it. The satisfaction she gained was shown so evidently.

She has given me the impression that she didn’t do it for money’s sake…it is her passion.

Bravo! Bravo!

Giving your best. Have I?


I am thankful that training resumed.  Even though the body protested much, I am thankful that my mind is stronger now and could overcome the temptation to skip. Ride was good. Months ago, I did the route with much difficulty and using light gears. Today I was able to use slightly heavier ones and I know I am getting better in terms of stamina. I craved for more!

I am thankful I was able to squeeze in some laps for swimming after that.

I am thankful to be able to meet KM and that he had my data all recovered from the old HDD at no cost! He even went to the extent of helping me get a new HDD and casing. OH! How I love the casing…in red! Thank you, bro! You are the best! It’s a no-wonder why I have not used any other brands for my lappy because I have a personal IT guy who gave me super good after sales-service ;p

I love it!

I love it!

I am thankful the kiddo didn’t want to meet me and thus I had the afternoon to myself.

I am thankful I had the time to read the newspaper.

I am thankful that I had the time to tidy my room.

I am thankful that I had the time to do supermarketing.

Dried toad on the ground...sad life.

Dried toad on the ground...sad life.

Mood: Thankful