I luv Sunday! (This particular one)



OCBC Cycle Singapore.
Treated it as a training because felt like missing training for a while. I was rather apprehensive as I have not ample opportunities to ride in a pack and also not sure if I could do a good job or worse still, crash.

Fears unfounded really. I find the event rather organised. Signed up for under 75 min cos that’s basically good enough for me. 20 minutes into the ride, stomach was aching. Darn! I wanted so much to get into the loo but how can I? This wil mean wasting time! It has been fun but realised I got tired easily. The guys were rather civil today. When there was a bend, they were shouting out to warn us all and also showed signals and stuff…Good good!


And in the evening, teammates sms me that I was placed 2nd in my age group! Woot! Got prizes man! First time! It felt good having to earn it. Hope I am indeed placed correctly. But I also know those really fast riders may not participate in this event. Better not be so happy so easily.

And ‘He’s just not into you’ is a must-watch for girls! I am soooo into the movie and was soooo touched towards the end. OMG. MUST-WATCH! So…very sex-and-the-city setting and addressed real issues.

There were so many happy stuff that happened today. How I wish she could be there in the morning. I owe this to you, ya know?

2 thoughts on “I luv Sunday! (This particular one)

  1. yay congrats on 2nd-placing! and i loved “he’s just not that into you”, esp the proposal scene:

    “I want you to be happy, you’re the only shot i have of ever being happy…” *oooooh* my heart melted then! =)

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