Ah yo! I was most disgusted with myself about the ride today. I was cycling, not training. Doing it alone didn’t help in motivating oneself =p. And for the first time, I felt faintish after a ride.

I think I ought to change my diet. Need more carbo.
Got back home and….whoah..good food was found. Asked Mom when she is going to teach me, she…SMILED, SMILED and SMILED (means she is not going to teach any time soon).  This should be a balanced diet…

Mom's cooking's the best!

Mom's cooking's the best!

Ride: 91.5km


Rest is training.

That’s the departing words from coach after swim class today. Had cramps again and this was really frustrating! I really don’t feel I have overtrain but then again, I might not be able to gauge. Swim class was tough from the beginning , wanted to puke and I felt my shoulders were so weak! Very disappointing!

The only thing that I am absolutely sure I didn’t get enough was SLEEP! No matter what miracle water I used was also of no use. HP said, “You always look so tired…” (o.O)


But I was happy when I received some stuff from Dom! Newspaper articles on ironman from downunder and free sunblock samples…hahhaha…ok..I will promise to use them! Thank you!


Ahh…this reminds me that I have a race coming up. Not too confident about this, didn’t even check the route. Better clean up my act and do mental prep.

Took my first leave today (half day) to tend to father’s matter and thought it would be very apt to run in the afternoon for at least 10km. But got held back by a wee bit to answer colleague’s qns…How come people like to ask questions when one is trying to leave? O_o

It was good weather at ECP. JUst a few souls (can use fingers to count) were running as well. Then, it happened again! Stomach was not feeling well! Darn! Everytime it happens! Happened during OCBC ride, happened during runs…arghhhhh…this cannot go on!!!! Can someone help me unravel this? I did have my food 2 hours before! ok…I didn’t warm up. What else could have caused this?

Felt my legs are protesting again. So slow lao pok… Sigh!

Run: 9.52 @ 54′ 28 min

hip hip hurray!

remember the good old days?

remember the good old days?

We started out as newbies last year.
This year, we are champions.
The team event, both first and second places, goes to…..!
Globespinners! Longitude and Latitude (technically)! The organiser better do a good job in checking the data and give us the second placing.

But deep within us, we know we are! =)

Hurray!Hurray! Hurray!


Results’ out and I was placed third. Nonetheless, I am still contented that I made it top three. It was indeed encouraging, above all else, to come to the realisation that I am not that bad after all and all those trainings helped even though I actually started serious training 2 months ago.

That was enough to make me decide to shelve travel plans in replacement for races outside Singapore, be it tri or bike.

Morn run: 6.59km
Pace sucks.

Mundane Monday

By the time I hit the pool for my morning swim, it was already 75% occupied. And by the time I completed my 1km swim (oh I need to swim at least 1.5km!), it was time for me to get to office. I think I must feedback to SSC to ask them to start the morning swim by half an hour. But perhaps this is not good as people do need to Zzzz..So I think a better way is for me to swim faster =p Left hand still has the tendency to drop. Bad habit!

Morning swim: 20 laps =(

Dass, me, Abel

Dass, me, Abel

And what a surprise when I knew that ex-colleagues were here to conduct a workshop! Ahhh..I so missed them! Was so proud of them! 10 more months to go before I go back to teaching! Yay!

Tis for lunch

Tis for lunch

4 more weeks. I will eat well, sleep well, train well.

I luv Sunday! (This particular one)



OCBC Cycle Singapore.
Treated it as a training because felt like missing training for a while. I was rather apprehensive as I have not ample opportunities to ride in a pack and also not sure if I could do a good job or worse still, crash.

Fears unfounded really. I find the event rather organised. Signed up for under 75 min cos that’s basically good enough for me. 20 minutes into the ride, stomach was aching. Darn! I wanted so much to get into the loo but how can I? This wil mean wasting time! It has been fun but realised I got tired easily. The guys were rather civil today. When there was a bend, they were shouting out to warn us all and also showed signals and stuff…Good good!


And in the evening, teammates sms me that I was placed 2nd in my age group! Woot! Got prizes man! First time! It felt good having to earn it. Hope I am indeed placed correctly. But I also know those really fast riders may not participate in this event. Better not be so happy so easily.

And ‘He’s just not into you’ is a must-watch for girls! I am soooo into the movie and was soooo touched towards the end. OMG. MUST-WATCH! So…very sex-and-the-city setting and addressed real issues.

There were so many happy stuff that happened today. How I wish she could be there in the morning. I owe this to you, ya know?

It’s so good being able to rest on Saturdays. I’m not complaining but being able to rest was a luxury. Was advised to rest before tmr’s OCBC Cycle.

Got up and spinned before spending the whole morning ironing clothes, pack my room and then in the afternoon, fetched father from the hospital and packed in a movie and dinner.

I just pray for no crash tmr. I’d rather go slow then. Safety comes first.

All the best, fellow cyclists. Ride safe!

4 more weeks! Sigh!

look tired?

At least a few people had said that I looked tired today. Was I?

Actually not. The only part of my body that was tired was my pair of eyes, the result of STARING into the screen. Apart from that, I was very much alive and kicking. Father’s situation has taken a toil on both mom and I but we learnt how to get by, somehow.

Work-wise, I have been amused by some of the terms used by people and the reaction of the small french fries when they were about to be fried. They would be seen jumping about…fretting here and there. Quite a funny sight but somewhat  meaningless.

Some of the terms used which I would previously not.
1. Delta. When I heard this word, tributaries came to my mind. My minor was Geography and all I could think of would be the landforms and stuff. Apa delta?
2. Organic. I only thought about the organic food that I consumed. Organic also can be used at work wor.
3. Ecosystem. Haiz…this one gives me headache.
4. Omnibus…another big headache. How come not double-decker bus?
and many more…I lost track.

Swim class was nice, as usual. Coach asked me to upgrade to lane 3 during the sprinting. Thought I could make it but I could not! Sprint is not my forte. I am a long distance anytime. So, I went back to Lane 2 eventually. Sorry, coach!

Period. Now I am tired.


Photo: Courtesy of yellowfish

Sunday’s open sea training. I shouldn’t have gone for the 8am session. Didn’t know that it was a non-stop swimming session. Crazy. But I definitely gained more confidence after that, never mind the slow swim.


I freaking abhor people who think the whole world owes them.

This morning, there was this Audi (SJJ7002C) who was horning his way even though we were all driving at a normal speed. As if this was not enough, he was speeding, weaving in and out. And at the traffic lights, when it turned green, horned again. Hello, we all need reaction time. We do not have nice, fast cars like yours but pls spare a thought for others! If you are late for something, for goodness’ sake, come out from your freaking place earlier. Those many road accidents could well be caused by you selfish arseholes. I think you should feel very proud and happy that you jam up the whole driveway, causing hurt and trauma to others.

Next time you do this, I will purposely jam-brake. Mine is a lao-pok car..Slam me if you wish.

(I know I am speaking in anger…but really, could you drivers out there spare some thoughts for others?)

What a day!

Had a morning run with HP and Ken. The legs felt good and I thought the guys had done a good job in the run.

Then received something from the delivery man and I felt like burying my head in the ground. Arghhh…Anyway, the card was delivered wrongly and it just said a “Happy Valentine’s Day. Luv John.” So plain. I was wondering whp2120081o John was. Didn’t remember I had a guy friend named John except for my colleague who was married. As usual, yours truly is a blur queen and didn’t check properly until HP noticed that it was addressed to another girl. hahahhahaha….so I called up the florist and told him about the mixed-up and requesting, at the same time, who my sender was. Apparently, he didn’t disclose or didn’t know but I got him to read out the contents of the card. hahahahahhahaha…he was so embarrassed. “Err…yours very powerful. Really want me to read ah?”

So yes, of course. I was so frustrated at work and pestered him to read to me. hahahahhahaha…. The florist was so embarrassed and chuckled as he read. I roared! Poor man.
(Dear readers, comments not needed for this portion. TQ).

Anyway, it was then a 3 1/2 hour of back-breaking meeting which no one dared to drop anything on the floor. I was constantly thinking about having something to eat 2 hours before my swim class but the meeting ended at 6.30pm. Well done man. I rushed down, eating while driving and then after 4 mouthfuls of half a sandwich, went straight to class.

Coach looked at me mockingly and asked me,” Why didn’t you come for Tuesday’s lesson?” ………”Up to you. Anyway, it’s your Aviva.”

I was so =(

Don’t know why, today’s swim was, to me, harder. Either I was tired or I was without energy. Wanted to puke again during the sprint but hung on to the egg mayo sandwich in case the water was given more nutrients. And then legs got cramped. Both legs! Apa la!

Coach said,”Why train so hard?” Fei Hua lor…but the next point made sense la, “Go for productive training.”

Ok ok….I better rest tml…I WILL not be tempted to do anything but rest!

Lesson #1: Do not eat so close to a training session (but no choice for today).
Lesson #2: Hydrate…hydrate…hydrate….

2x50m 6 strokes 1 breath
2x50m 2-4-6
2x50m 2-4
200m flutter kick
Lane2—6×100,7×50, 2x400ez, 1×400 moderate, 3×25 head up swim, tread water 6min


The body was in pins and needles. A slight rub could spell pain and eventually decided not to attend the make-up swim class (what? Again?!) to look for Kelly. It’s been more than a month since I last saw her and today’s session was full of drama.

“Arghh!!!” I made such a face that she had to do it more gently.

“Never mind! Ignore me. Go on! Maintain that pressure!”

“Tsk! How come so tight ah? Wah…ah yo..Quite bad!”

My gosh. I really shouldn’t skip massage.

Today was basically my rest day as instructed. How I hate rest day but had to so do so that I could go the extra mile.

I’m in a dire need of a good rub.
No matter what, I will have to slot in that ‘activity’.

Looking forward to the ‘ah’, ‘arghh’, AHHHHHHHHHH!’


Dear Mind, Body & Soul
Today I meant to give you a shock, to include all three disciplines in (but you were saved by work). It’s about 6 more weeks to go and I intend for the next few weeks to be extremely harsh on you.

Thank you for bearing with me for these past weeks. I see that you, Body, has made improvements. Although at times, I just want to beat you to go faster, I know deep in me, you are tired and you needed rest. I’m sorry I couldn’t afford the time to give you a good massage. All I could do now is to make sure you are given the right nutrition and vitamins so that you can keep going and not fall sick.

Mind, you have to be strong and prepare for THE DAY well. You are extremely important. I may train Body well, but in the end, on THE DAY, you will be needed much more. You need to give me the will, the power and the focus to complete. I know you are under tremendous stress these days but do bear with it.

Soul, I’m sorry I could not give you much personal time. I have been busy busy and busier and time with you seems impossible but I will not give up. I will make sure you get your nourishment and rest as well.

Today, I started off with a run, intending it to be a 14km run but Mind, thank you for pushing me to go for 2km more. I know watching the triathletes practising their brick session made you worry and thus you pushed me to go further. Thank you. But Body, it seems you lacked the power at the 12km mark. You slowed down and the old pain came on. What happened? Perhaps I should give you more fuel?

Dear trio, I wil be increasing the intensity of training from this week onwards. I know it’s gonna be painful but you know you wil benefit from it all. I promise you rest after THE DAY, that you will be pampered. Meanwhile, let’s work hand in hand. You’ll be strong, won’t you?

Mind, you need to come in strongly now.

Distance: 16km

I woke up to a pair of puffy eyes and an exhausted body. Twice, I dozed off in the toilet. What had this week done to me? I did not train much but the stress of work had toiled us all. Not that I have done a lot, ZM and Ken would have contributed much more but the realisation of not being able to meet deadlines had got the better of me. I’m just glad that the team is still holding on together. A few more months to go… looking forward to a good break.

I randomly checked into an ex-colleague’s blog and one of the entries disturbed me greatly. Was saddened actually. We have heard accounts such as this but how long would such situations go on? How many good teachers would be turned away? But we have to know that the educational landscape has changed greatly since yester years and it would not be sufficient to just teach only. But I wonder what could really help to improve the working conditions of my peers.

I remember my last year of teaching in school, my level teachers worked so hard. Meeting together to plan good and interesting lessons for the kiddos. I could see their tiredness and was almost apologetic that they had to come for the meetings. But each time when we talked about the lesson development, they got hyped-up. There’s always insufficient time. After the lessons were over, all of us were happy because we knew the pupils enjoyed and applied what they have learnt into the activities. Win-win situation. It’s all worth it when we see them smile and learn.

Yesterday, received a call from Ivan and he too, was lamenting about going back to school after his MLS. I honestly don’t know how to encourage my peers. It’s so easy to just talk. I just hope they will hang in there.

Ride was tough today. The body was tired and the legs could not spin strongly. I kept telling mylegs to ‘move it, c’mon!’ but they wouldn’t oblige. It’s very discouraging to see her riding past me up the slope and I was so far behind. The legs were so weak during the ride. Alas, during the run, the pace was even better than my normal run! These legs…I couldn’t understand them.

Maybe I should take MC. Lynn being the doc and prescribing medicine – SLEEP. I need good quality sleep.

ride: 82.5km


I finally was able to go for Thu’s swim class! Yipee! First thing coach saw me was, “Why didn’t you come last week?” and asked me to go for make-up.

Was rather apprehensive about Thu’s class because it was supposed to be ‘hard’. The sprint made me nearly puke. This coach is evil ;p Next was the easy swim, my saving grace. I was able to go slow and took note of my pull. While swimming, I had coach in my mind. How he demonstrated the pull and the entry into the water. The more I thought about that image, the better I got. Wah….must think about him more. hahhahaha….

I like to be tortured in swim class because I always left the pool feeling so satisfied. Put me in a room and glued to a seat for more than 30 minutes is inhumane. I left the place feeling oh-so-drained. Downright torturous. And why didn’t I speak up? Cos my mum said I shouldn’t interrupt anybody in a conversation. ;p kekekekkekeke…

Catch up drill
Flutter kick
5 x 100 Sprint
 4 x 400 fly
Head up swim
Thread water 6 min

Bad News

Just received a piece of sad news – one of my team members for the cycling event in 2 weeks’  has injured her leg and could not cycle well in the meantime.

It’s ok, gal. These things happen. It’s great that a replacement is possible.

Note to myself: Train smart, train safe.

For now, I’m bogged down by work. Time to train is a luxury.

Super tired.
The bed was just so inviting. 
Diary said to run in the morning.
So I follow suit.

Inflexible Lynn ;p

Morn run: 8km
Grange Rd ->Dempsey->Nassim Rd->Orchard Rd->Paterson Rd->Grange Rd
Mood: Sleepy

Teach me how to rest

Tell me what rest is
For I know not what that is

Immobilised in movement and thought
Yet was guilty once the body hit the floor

Up on my feet once more
And look out of the door

The bike waiting for the rider
Desiring for a few good turns.

feels like running

It was, by far, the best run thus far for this year. My pace was quicker. I felt light. Not that I was running real fast but I was happy running. And the best thing was I met FY, Damien and little Sam along the way! Imagine my joy when I saw them!

Self-evaluation. Why is this so? It could be…
1) This week, I have not run any long distance.
2) It was evening and I tend to run better during that period.
3) I ate quite a fair amount of cookies and I felt guilty and wanted to shed the fats!
4) My legs were light. Don’t know why.
5) I saw a few cyclists along the way and felt inspired.
6) I saw a runner along the way and I felt challenged.
7) There were a few ahead of me and I wanted to overtake them.
8 ) I was happy.
9) I felt my bowel reacting half-way through and I wanted to go home quickly to shit. ;p (sorry for being crude).
10) I found the love for running again!

7 more weeks!!!!! OMG!

Run: 12km
Mood: Uplifted