IT in Education

After reading this article, I feel so much better as a digital immigrant. =)

“The natives aren’t quite so restless”

Don’t mistake students’ online hyperactivity for technological knowhow, advises Christopher Scanlon

DURING the past decade or so, an exotic tribe has begun appearing in the nation’s schools, TAFEs and universities. The young woman using her iPhone to update her WordPress blog, for example, is one. So, too, is that quiet young man using the library catalogue to update his Facebook profile. And that young woman using the computer lab to log on to Second Life? She’s one, too.

Fortunately, thanks to the work of Harvard law professors John Palfrey and Urs Gasser, we now have a name for these types: they’re all digital natives. In their book Born Digital, which claims to offer a sociological portrait of this new tribe, Palfrey and Gasser define digital natives as anyone born after 1980. Digital natives have grown up in a world saturated with digital technology. They are always connected. Even when they’re asleep, their inboxes are filling up with replies.

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