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I asked Ade while on the way to Val’s.
“How do you improve on running?”
“The usual thing. Interval, tempo, long distance. There is no short cut about it.”
I raised my concern about the run with her. That I was panting so badly at her pace.
“I was running rather hard that day. Normally I run at my 85% but it also means our ‘hardness’ is different la.”

“How long have you not been running already?”

I thought about it. Not that I have not been running but I have not been running consistently and with a plan or target.

My greatest worry now. Better do up a training plan for the run leg.

After the ride, energy was depleted. Water was left to drips only.p1270069
I know I need to learn how to take those bars and gel. But I couldn’t bring myself to consume them. This PowerBar is not too bad but still, I couldn’t go on after a few bites.

Happy with ride today but too lazy to run after that ;p

Anyone consumes scones for energy when riding? Or hardboiled eggs? Can imagine the eggs dropping out. Bloop bloop bloop…Joker.