CNY is a time…

– when I could catch up with my work ;p
– when I could see my young cousins and teach them some manners. Ok, I know I am not a parent but that makes it easier for me to discipline them. Where’s the manners??

My 21-year-old cousin, Samantha has just entered the working force. Gosh! She’s a grown-up now and she asked me how old I am and what were the things I have achieved. “You know, there will be a list of things to accomplish before you turn 30 right?”

I didn’t think so much about all these things before. I have not set targets when I was 21 (gosh! why would I?) but as she interviewed me further, I realised I have actually done quite a few stuff…

I had…
– backpacked all my 10 years of early adulthood and survived.
– done solo travelling and survived.
– completed an Olympic Distance triathlon.
– completed running in a marathon.
– completed my part-time (not PDCM) graduate degree and survived.
– loved and be loved.
– purchased my own car without burdening my parents.
– climbed Mount Kinabula twice and was the third to reach the peak during the second  attempt (yes, I’m proud of myself).
– bought Mom an LV bag which she really wanted for so long.
– also acquired some LV goods which were really bad investment since the amount spent could enable me to buy a good bike frame (silly me!)
– loved teaching and still loving it.

Ok. So Sam challenged me to think about the list of things to do before a certain age. Ok. I am going to set the age limit of 35.

Things I want to do before I turn 35 (actually this idea also came after reading Renzi’s 10 things she wants to do before she turns 30).

– Compete in the Aviva half-ironman (Singapore)
– Complete a full ironman (don’t know which place but will seek to compete in at least 1).
– Climb Mt Kilimanjaro.
– Climb any of the Annapurna Himalayan range
– Present an academic paper at a conference (my dream..still a dream)
– Try bungee jump (all thanks to mom who opposed it when we were in NZ)
– Skydive
– Backpack South America
– Backpack Eastern Europe
– Treat my parents to an overseas trip
– Get hold of the blue box with the contents, of course (Every girl should own one…)
– Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
– Travel in the Australia Outback

Hmm…quite fun to pen them down. Something like The Bucket List… =)


Look at what Bud was doing when I reached the carpark? Having his big breakfast of pancakes! This guy ah! Had a good time of catching up while we cycled (I spinned).

And what could be better than having Nescafe and Lontong after the session!

But need to watch diet already. I was asked to do so…

Let me see.
– cereal with bananas
– hard boiled eggs (only white)
– chicken breast meat (white\ steamed or baked)
– vegetables all colours (never fried)
– potatoes (boiled or baked stuffed with tuna in olive oil\ the occasional sinful corned beef – no mayo or any other dressings)
– steamed fish
– veg soup
– Fruits for dessert
– Low-fat dairy products preferred

Ok boss. Will do!