Ice Cream Chefs @ 520 East Coast Road

Ice Cream Chefs @ 520 East Coast Road

My gosh. How much ice-cream have I consumed?

Yesterday, met up with K and have mocha with ice-cream.
Reunion dinner, Des bought ice-cream for us all and he gave me 2 big slices.

Today, met up with Bud and had raspberry tart with gelato.
1 hour later, met up with boon and had 2 scoops of ice-cream.

Jialat. Gotta stop.

Ran with Ade in the morning and her pace was so much faster than mine. Normally I was running at 85% (hard) but when I ran with her, the monitor read 103%!!!! Am I reading correctly???? Ade tld me to run till I pant. I was almost out of breath already! I couldn’t catch up with her and in the end, asked her to go ahead while I slowed down. Oh man! I have not run in races for a good part of last year and my performance has dipped. Ok. I signed up for Sundown marathon. I will participate in what I have missed out last year. No excuses this year!

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