Today’s ride was eventful =)

She showed me part of the route of Aviva and then ahead of us, was a pack of cyclists. Oh oh..
Asked me to ride with them. Stay behind the big guy so that he could draft you. …

I rode with them. Fun. The dynamics of the group. There was this huge Ang Mo who rode beside me, trying to either keep up or be ahead of me. I also la. Fun! Then there was another instance, where a guy was cycling and I charged forward and rode past him. kekeekekkeke. He was caught unaware of my ‘attack’.

Along the way, behind the pack of boys, I saw one of them asking each other who this woman was. They all shrugged their shoulders. Er…don’t bother about me. I gatecrashed. Sorry!

Midway, the group split due to the traffic junction and I followed a guy who turned left from the group. I was wondering what was happening and slowed down. That’s it. Once I slowed down, I couldn’t catch up anymore. Kenna dropped. Dang!

Now, I need to know if I could do a long distance ride with equally satisfying speed. Yet to tell now. I always split from groups mid-way. But what fun for this morning!

And then got lost trying to figure my way back to my car from the west. Bummer.

Distance: 93.3
Time: 03:15:58
kcal: 1305

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