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Good Sunday!

I’m thankful that I decided not to go through the full four hours for the brick session. My mind was on father who would need our support and someone to be there for him. So, after an hour of ride, I headed home and we went service together.

The message is on wisdom. 事故 – an adjective – to descibe someone who is matured and gone through a lot of experiences. That’s for my own knowledge. In short, between wisdom and knowledge, I would choose the former.

Knowledge can be gotten quite cheaply in a way, from self-help books in the bookstore. Many a times, we have had encounters with people who know so much, so knowledgeable and eloquent. However, when you see them deal with different situations, it seems that they lack depth, maturity. We can most often singled them out by their actions and really, they are hardly impressive. Just a load of information/theory in their head. I get quite turn off by them…what a waste of my time listening to them. (hahhahah..Oops…That’s me being so judgemental).

We had a short while together after the service and dad related to me his experience in the hospital last Friday. He was emotional and I know he is not taking it well. He regretted taking control of his life all this time and not taking care of his health when he was younger. All these are but regrets. I really don’t know how to comfort him but to state the point that while he is still abled, he should live life to the fullest and meaningfully.

Which led me to the question that was posed to me ever so often when I was younger. “Are you ready to meet your maker?”

And I would like my answer to be, “Yes. I have fought the good fight.”


I watched this exact clip yesterday at the Volvo Ocean Race village that Maya helped to build. My initial thought was the sacrifice that each sportsperson has to give in order to achieve the dream. I was inspired by them. The emotions that went through yesterday were very personal but very impactful. Very apt and timely.

Pinarello, Scott, Cervelo, Argon
These bikes parked against the walls
Terrified me to the core

But I am convinced
It’s neither the brands nor the beauty of the machines
But the focus, determination and the leg power (=p) 
That help you achieve your dream.

I’m determined.