why make me cry?

The alarm shook me from my sleep.
I’m on my two wheels again.
To a place where I spent almost 1/2 of my decade in.

I hate the hills.
I loathe, despise them.
Perhaps they are laughing at me
For letting out a cry when I climbed.
(Literally shed tears. why do I choose to do this? Why not sleep in? Why not just be the average person out there?)

I felt weak and awfully humiliated.

Dear legs, I am counting on you.
I’m sorry I have to subject you to such pain.
But you see, in the long run
You’ll be pleased to know they’ll be mightily strong.

For now, just bear with it.

Ride: 91.6km

Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race

Timely fuel!

Timely fuel!

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