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Swim class #2

I looked forward to the class now. Much more eager than last week because I was more confident about myself. And just now we did drills and training. I had much to learn but I also know that I am better than last week’s me. I was not breathless and didn’t see stars and no feeling of puking.

Good job! I think swimming burns a lot of energy and helps tone very well. Hmm…nice nice…plus the tan that I received from the afternoon swim..whoah…I like!…(and then next time suffer from skin cancer. Stupid!)

Got to know some of the swimmers who are doing Aviva..yea! Hope to meet more of them on Sunday!

Tml is the EARLY ride out…and Sunday morning brick training. Hope I will keep my sanity.

But Lord, pls keep my father safe in the mind. I know he’s scared from the doc’s report. I know he is not taking it well. Let him trust in You.