Work wasn’t so bad after all. I think it is just the perspectives that we hold in us that either make or break the day.

I sent email to swim coach, asking him for advice on training. And his advice? Consider changing the day for my training with him. Btw you are not bad, should consider shifting due to your race objectives..

How happy was I! I’m not bad at all! ;p I do have fears of cos in changing the class. Thu’s class is full of good swimmers. But the heck with it. I can’t let fear conquer me.

The trio started our lunch time run! Yay! One more member!

Watched Cinderella- the musical. Was sad that the theatre was not even half filled. The set was good! But definitely can’t compare with the more popular musical.

Me am tired. Not sure if I could wake up to get a morning swim. *fingers crossed*

2.4km @ 12.22min