Lessons for the day

I was on MC today because I was scheduled to have a minor dental surgery to get No.7 (as my dentist had said) out. It really felt good to be able to do my own stuff on a lazy Monday. This feeling of freedom so prompted me to quit my job early last year. Haiz…

I reckoned I would need to rest for the rest of the day and thus got out to ECP for a rollerblading session and a run in the early morning. However, I only managed the rolling session due to time constraint. No run but incur a blister (how silly of me to do that!!!)  It’s time to change the pair of rollerblades. ;p

Lesson #1: DO the more important sports first. You need every time that you have for training.

So I waited for my turn. An elderly guy came in and I thought he rather had the look of a dentist by the way he dressed. I thought to myself that if he was the one, then I better said my prayer. He was rather old and I wasn’t sure if he could steady his hands in the surgery.

And..it turned out that he was the one to perform the extraction/surgery for me. I was terrified, really, in my heart. I verbalised my fear to my dentist. Lynn, for the first time, admitted her fear outwardly and in a terrified tone.

The dentist was super experienced. In the end, no surgery was required cos he did such a good job. He extracted No. 7 in just 5 min. The tooth didn’t break into half and it was a breeze. I even asked my dentist, “It is done????”

Lesson #2: Do not judge a person by the appearance.

Collected the Triathlon Training Series from PO and my bike from the shop. Mr. T even pasted a new Alan sticker for me!!!! Me am thankful! Alan has a new fork as well! And I got Ir to help me with my HR monitor. It’s so good to have an experience cyclist as neighbour. hahahah…Next time must get him to service the bike. hahhahah..I have many angels around me indeed and a constant one who gave me so much help in cycling. Thank you!

Evening. Decided to spin instead of run. Really need to do up my training plan. Now a bit messy.

Lesson #3: The initial part is so difficult. Keep on working and the legs will be fine.

Lesson #4: Old T coffee is tooooooo sweet. Do not patronise again.

I’m glad K is finding joy in his new machine and lifestyle. Let’s see if he is able to keep at it.

And I really think I need to spend more time and effort in my work.

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