Swim, fish!

And so, I woke up late again and could not manage a run to scout for a nearby pool. Good also. I am anticipating that the swim class in the evening to be tough.

Actually was nervous and wanted to be MIA for the class. It’s always frightening to enter into the unknown. But because I need to do a decent swim during Aviva, I really need to push myself. Get out of the comfort zone!

I felt like I had enrolled in an accelerated class. Coach corrected the techniques and I felt the swim to be smoother.  Ididn’t even have to kick so much. Just pull all the way and glide. Managed to do ok but the worse had yet to come. The sprint! I hate sprint. Never a sprinter. After the 6 laps of sprint, I was almost dead. Panting and panting, my heart beat was still fast after the shower. I was really seeing stars at the shower and waiting to puke.  Ade then told me that it was considered a relaxed training tonight. ??????

When we came out, coach told Ade, “Your friend can swim. Very strong!”

I replied, “But my sprint is not good!”

“This is just the first time. You will get there. A few months then you will be like them (the faster group).”

A few months? I don’t have a few months to spare! The first race is just 2 months away! Oh dear! I need to pack swimming during lunch time now!

May I have 36 hours please?