of the causes for accident

There is an ERP gantry near my place. A 400m from where I started. It doesn’t make sense to me to pay $2 for the use of such a distance and so, I have to leave home slightly earlier so that I could go through the gantry before 7am.

Of course, I am not the only soul who thought about such a plan. Hundreds or perhaps thousands had the same thought.

Two days ago, I set off 7 minutes earlier and found to my horror, it was jammed! Tha 400m! Why? There were road accidents. Two, to be precise. One involving 2 cars and the other involved 4 cars. I was fortunate to pass by the gantry just 1 min before 7am. Sweat!

Yesterday, I was 4 minutes late but to my pleasant surprise, the highway was clear, at least for that stretch. Then it was jammed again from Eunos onwards.

Today, I was more disciplined and got out 10 minutes earlier. Again, there was accident before the gantry.

I know many would say why we drivers would save on a few dollars when we have to pay hundreds or thousands each month. Precisely! We spend so much each month and why should we fork out more again?

Potential car-buyers, please think twice before the purchase.

random thots

1. SSD is really not an easy position. Think twice. Think twice.
2. I need to go for dental surgery on Monday. Sigh!
3. I should open my eyes big big before volunteering to work in certain areas. Now I’m in deep shit.
4. My thighs are still very very sore.
5. Met sha while running in ECP. What a surprise!
6. Some people really can fake it when they didn’t do a good job and then escape. Must learn to TALK through your way. But I can’t!!!! Sob!
7. Very tempted by this machine. Designed by Vivienne Tam. Cool!




Run: 7.74km
Pace: 6″24