I’m so freaking tired. What have I gotten myself into? But am pleased with my cycling progress. It was actually good training that there was strong headwind. Now my running has not improved. @ the end of the session, all I want really is just plain o’ water. But I had ice-cream instead ;p

Time: 02:16:46 + 00:30:04
Distance: 66.3 + 11 km
Kcal: 1068

Run: 6.9
Avg: 8.9kph
(Need to continue to condition the muscles)

While vegetating in front of the screen, I took The True Age Test sent from a friend on Facebook. And…with my lifestyle, no health problem and low fat diet, I am only 10 years old??!!!!

Not bad ah. Stay this way forever. Forever young, I wanna be forever young!