pls explain…

How to have the most happening party in Marina Bay when the people were SEATED?


That is My Singapore, my homeland, the place where I belong ;p

Anyway, Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2009. One more year to go before I go back to school. Yea!


Sometimes, somehow you met someone and in the conversation, you were somewhat impacted or intrigued by what was shared. Today, I encountered it.

She was casually asking me if I was in a relationship and the conversation started from that.

“You are still young, no need to rush. I got married at 31.”

And went on she did. She was widowed 5 years later when the family met with an accident. The husband and Mother-in-law did not survive. She escaped because she was at the back seat holding the 2-year-old. Face disfigured, she had to be in and out of hospital for a year. As a result of the disfigurement, she stayed at home all the time, afraid to meet anyone. As if the news of the death of the partner was not enough, she received a call from a woman and realised that the husband had a mistress and had fathered a girl.

Blow after blow. My jaw dropped as I listened to her story. “You are so brave,” I remarked. “No, I wanted to commit suicide. But I was so fat that I could not go through the window. YOu know, the windows in the hospital are so small. I’m lucky I have my family around me. They are the reason why I live.” She’s not joking. I’m not laughing.dsc00877

I dare not say that I could empathise with her. After all, what have I gone through to be able to understand what she has experienced? To lose a loved one is painful enough but to learn of the infidelity as well? The heart is so pierced! I’m not sure if I could trust any man anymore. It’s so scary. Men being men… ;p

I left the cafeteria, amazed by her story. There is an extraordinary life among us. We work together everyday and yet I did not bother to want to know more about my colleagues.

I’m glad that I had such an encounter. I was in a dire need of encouragement. And what a neat surprise when I opened the mailbox! Dom’s postcard to me (again!) and the DVD – Spirit of the Marathon- I have bought and so looked forward to. I have not run for a few days and by now, I should have clocked that amount of distance. The lethargy is getting to me. I am not happy about it.

C’mon Lynn. 2009 is just 2 days away. What are you doing?

And one hour after this entry, SY called and make appointment to run on NY day. =) =) =)

The workout trip

@ Desaru.
This group of cyclists can ride FAST! Thankfully, the guys came periodically and this helped us to draft. I’m so drained.

Naughty thought: What would happen if I scratch their bikes? Think I’ll be dead meat.

Distance: 117.1km
Time: 04:36:39
cal: 2020 (whoah!)
Avg HR: 144
Max HR: 230

Beautiful Day

dsc00871It was really a beautiful day. Alas, I woke up late and feeling a little lazy, decided to skip cycling and run. Was very regretful and what was worse was the fact that my ‘check-it-out’ trip to Tampines Mall turned out to be a shopping spree! OMG! Half the time while trying the clothes, I was reprimanding myself for not doing the much-needed workout. The more I reprimand, the more clothes I tried and naturally, the more I bought. OMG!

And guess what I saw when I returned? Bro’s car! He’s back! My rebel gor-gor. Didn’t manage to book The Humble dsc00872House as it was booked for a wedding dinner and so went to Putien Restaurant instead. Sitting in his car, I was scared stiff. I was at the back seat and all the time had to duck cos he was driving so fast that I dared not look up. Vroom…vroom…Mom was so intrigued by me and laughed. As he swerved, my body went towards the direction and mom pinched me (indicating she was scared too). This gor ah…forever driving so fast. Next time I’m in his car, I must tell him I have a very weak heart.

It’s so good to have the whole family together again!


Went Bukit Timah Hill for a hike before the dinner. JH was able to complete the route! Good job, gal! Must make this more often and attempt more challenging routes.


eat, drink and be merry Part IV

It’s such a bummer to have to work on Boxing Day. No mood and the fact that I could not find relevant information made the day worse. And so sad was I after talking to that coach that I decided to heed his advice on not clocking milege but improve timing. Was able to swim within the time that he asked me to but I was panting after each 200m. Arghh…so I was not training hard enough on my own and possibly my technique very problematic. No wonder we need coach to guide us.

Something good though – HP, L and I decided to start our healthy lifestyle and plan our diet from this day forth. Yea!

Rushed off from swim to meet the globespinners ;p for dinner @ House. Bumped into Bud as we were proceeding to our booze session @ Oosh. Dempsey Hill brought back memories, a place where I spent much time with him. Now that he is gone, it’s no longer a place where I frequent. I hope he’s happier now. I should think so. But I don’t know how anyone can be happy pursuing his doc…(arghh..I’m stereotyping!) This is not a place he wants to settle from the beginning. This nation has lost him. Me too.


And I want to end the eating, drinking session. Period.

eat, drink and be merry Part III



Today’s lunch was one that I looked forward to. Back to good o’ friends. The theme was Japanese and thus would not lack Yakitori, okonomiyaki, unagi, mochi and green tea. Oiishi desyo!

I like the gifts and thank you, JH, for the cookbook on Turkish delicacies. I’ll cook for you guys! Happy happy and I got my Moleskin diary and camera bag after that.

Had my first brick session and my legs were tired. Had a brief talk with D and he honestly told me that I might not do a good swim for the coming event. My timing is disgustingly bad.

Sad. I’ll try..try…try…I will make it!

Eat, drink and be merry Part II

And the celebration continued today with the colleagues and I was getting real sick of eating shepherd’s pie. +0(
But the highlight of the day would be to see the two kiddos dancing away. LOL. What a sight!

Dancing Queens

Dancing Queens

Rejected invitation to Mel’s surprise ice-cream party to celebrate her BD. But honestly speaking, Mel, being cleverer than the other half (no offence, bro…Muahahhaha) would have known that you have prepared something special for her, AS ALWAYS. My apologies for not wanting to turn up but I know Mel would know my reason. Blessed BD, dear sis.

And so, what could be better than spending time reflecting the year admist the very very dull but cool weather? 2008 has been great, far exceeded my expectations and a year of fruitfulness. Of course, there would be pains along the way but I really chose not to dwell on the negative. Life’s too short for that sort of stuff.

Blessed Christmas. Hope that you will know and experience the true meaning of Christmas.

Time: 01:04:08
Avg HR: 132
Avg cadence: 90

Eat, drink and be merry Part I

The feasting season is kicking in fast and FURIOUS!

Steamboat lunch @ work

Steamboat lunch @ work

Christmas Party @ TW's

Christmas Party @ TW's

Swim 1.5km

The girl in marmie

Yesterday night, an awful cockroach crept into my room. The insect-buster quickly rushed out to get the insecticide and directed at the creature. As the wounded enemy tried to steady itself, it got a few more shots before landing on the ground, struggling.

“Marmie! Help! Cockroach!” She got out from her bed and grabbing hold of a slipper and rushed into the room, “You must kill it!”

“Yah la, I sprayed.” The creature squashed, saying its last prayer and lay there motionless. I passed mom a piece of tissue paper and stepped back because I knew exactly what she was going to do.

She wrapped it and then came towards me to frighten me. Yea, that is my mom. She got the kick out of doing that. I was scared stiff and screamed in the middle of the silent night. “How can you, a big creature, be scared of a small thing like that?”

That was exactly what I told my students when the same scenario was played in school. Being the adult, I had to defend my young ones even though the heart was thumping at lightning speed. However, once you have someone out there whom you can go for protection, the will to fight and defend went down.

But the incident reminded me that the girl in marmie is still very much there. When you recalled the way she danced in front of us which caused us to puke up our rice admist the roaring laughter during dinner, you know her heart has not aged at all.

All I want for Christmas…

The recent urban issue contained a segment on what people want for Christmas. Maybe I should also make a list.

1. Salvation for father
2. Ipod nano/shuffle for my runs (checked)
3. A new pair of eyes
4. Consistent training buddies for runs
5. LV bag for mom (checked)
6. Running shoes for father
7. A toned and fitter me =)
8. A moleskin diary
9. Oakley’s Polarized Radar Pitch/ Enduring pace (depending on fit)
10. A blue bike jersey

On wheels…

Today was such a good day. The articles on Lifestyle were well-written and made me reflect quite a fair bit. And finally, got to ride with G after so many attempts to train for our upcoming events. Rushing off, met up with C and MG over dinner and oh, what a wonderful time together again. We have only met and worked together for 10 days in UK and strong bonds were made. Got to sit in C’s mini! I love the interior! So cool! It’s a dream car for many but I would very much still go for Rav 4. Mini is rather demure for me and I need a car to store my bike and all other equipment. 2 more years before I am debt-free. Yea!


On the way back, the PIE was jammed, both directions. It must be quite an accident. Driving on, it was actually the other direction that had problem. It was quite a scene. There were 5 cars involved and one of them, a taxi, nosedived into one of the others. How this happened was really a mystery. The cars must have been travelling at high speed! I really hope the drivers were all right. There were at least 2 ambulances speeding off.

The direction I was driving in? There was no accident. It was jammed because we were really curious about the scene on the other side. ;p

Distance: 32.3km
Time: 01:18:19

The girl has grown up

I don’t normally attend wedding dinner unless that person is someone dear. So this day, I was invited by a fine lady whom I co-worked with for the youth fellowship. And oh, how she has grown. She is indeed a woman of noble character and am so glad that the partner is such a godly gentleman. Thankfully, my kakis were also invited. =)

Where are our men?

Where are our men?

Morning ride
Distance: 73km
Time: 02:58:33
Avg HR: 149
Max HR: 191
Avg Speed: 24.6
Avg Cad: 70

The thighs are so sore…but it’s a good sign…Long long way to go. =(





CG Christmas Party. Perhaps my last one with them. They are the people whom I grew up with from my youth and into adulthood. How time flies. I consider myself a ‘prodigal son’ of this CG, associate member too. Priorities have changed and I need to move on. It’s sad to leave, especially with the beloved children but life has to go on. Into a new phase I will go into, unchartered waters to tread. But I know this is a family whom I can run to for salvation. Thank you for guiding me throughout all these years. God’s blessing be with you.

Morning run
Distance: 5.66km
Pace: 5.6min/km
Time: 31 min


Look at the incredible amount of stuff that one has to use to treat a minor injury! I had something worse than what I am having now by at least 5 times and I did not even use these stuff. But really, I ought to learn the correct method. L kindly brought these so that I could treat my injury and hopefully without scar. Must trust him since the wifey is a nurse. I better buy all these and put them in my first -aid box for yours truly is very accident-prone.

I like GV for the fact that it brings in tasteful films, commonly shown in GV Europa.  The Visitor tells img7817of a disillusioned, ‘lifeless’ professor whose life changed after a chanced encounter with a stranger. Made me all the more convicted that we should treat those foreign workers (not expats) with more respect. Quite dislike it when people scorn them. Through the film also, it made me ponder if I should really pursue my little dream of being a lecturer. What a life! To devote oneself to writing papers, publishing articles and books. Surely life involves much more! Of course, how one lives out one’s life is really dependent on the individual. But hearing horror stories about those who pursue PhD and their lives really is a deterrent for me to pursue that path.

As of now, I am thankful where I am and what I am. Thank you Lord.

Cape No. 7

I was totally captivated by the songs in the movie. It’s time for some live rock music!!!!a
Quite a good show. Worth watching.

This time, last year, I was in KK, getting ready to climb Mt Kinabalu. It was really a very enjoyable trip and I promised myself that I would climb a mountain each year. However, seems like this target could not be reached this year. Never mind, I will do Bukit Timah HILL instead. SIGH…

1st aid…

This conversation started when we came back from a heavy lunch when H lamented that he wanted to loosen his belt.

L: You know what kind of first aid you need to apply to a person who has fainted?
Me: Check for pulse?
L: Go, go…ask the expert…
Me: (To H) What first aid do we apply for a person who has fainted?
H: Get him on a sitting position and feel for pulse.
L: Then when do you have to loosen the belt or any other areas of the clothing?
H: That is normally if the person needs more air. But when it is a pretty lady, you can just do it.
L: Or maybe ask everyone to step out of the room so that she can have more air…..
Me: ………(speechless). *Shakes head*


Storming here and there
With a creak and a twist
The body fell straight
With a thud
It came off


Thanks man
I don’t need another injury.

Not Sun-ny Day

Rainy day. What a perfect reason to stay at home.
Thought of the saffron and the pasta that I bought from Turkey and decided that I should try out THE dish. My 2 other travelmates had cooked THE dish and today IS the day.


Bought the stuff and thankfully Mom was not too DIScouraging for me to try out THE dish. The magic lies in Saffron, the most precious and expensive spice in the world.


And after much fiddling and kan-choingness, I finally whipped up THE dish – Pasta with saffron sausage. Notice the pasta is not the usual ones that we have. Dad said it’s nice. Mom, the very oriental one refused to try. Sigh! Her comments would be very much valued since she is really a good cook. I am rather pleased but more improvement could be made. Not reddish enough, not watery enough. Healthy though because I didn’t add any other stuff except for Saffron powder and olive oil. No salt…whatever. Au naturel!


Saffron, powderful!
I think I should work on my other hobbies – cooking and photography ;p

Distance: 57.9 + 8.2
Time: 02:19:04 + 0:22:40
Avg HR: 143
Max HR: 173
cal:1010 +160
Avg Speed: 25.0
Avg Cad: 89

Lao pok chia… body, please recover fully quickly!

Been a month since I last swam and I had to drag myself to do that after work. Not sure if I could do a good job and didn’t want to stress myself too much. So the target was easy swim to get myself back to the system.

NOt easy at all! Realised I did not have the strength to pull! After the swim, I was rather faintish. What happened???!!!! Arghhh!

@_@ cry!

1.5km @ 42 min

Good Start

Managed to wake up on time!!! This called for a celebration!

Distance: 6.06km
Time: 0:37:01
Pace: 6/km
Avg HR: 150 (79%)

And so, the trio decided on Japanese curry chicken gohan! The marinated chicken by ZM and the dish done up by L. Better log the recipe.






So much fun @ work!


Of course, the above should be the desired outcome. NP. We will strive to improve!

Time: 01:00:35
Avg HR: 119
Avg Cad: 91


Hiya! I missed morning run again. I am not able to wake up at 5am anymore for runs. My gosh! I must try again tomorrow. This body of mine…when will you pick yourself up?

L and I had been planning to cook Okonomiyaki before I left for the trip and this morning, he reminded me again and got me out of the seat at 11.30am to buy the ingredients. Dragged ZM and Ken out too and to grocery shopping we went!

And so, trying to remember the steps I went through in Kunitachi with the Jap friends and verifying from google, we had Okonomiyaki for lunch!!!! And I dare say it was a success! It was so fun!


Hmm, what shall we have tomorrow ?;p
Met up with Jo over dinner and got myself a new pair of shoes! I must remember that I underpronate and has high arch and so I need more cushioning rather than the stability shoes that I had which caused me injury last year.

And so I must really really start running to ‘break’ the shoes esp since the coach is in Busselton doing his Ironman. Wonder how well he fared ;p Must start swimming!

C’mon, Lynn. 102 more days to go only!!